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When starting QPC2 I get the error "ws2_32.DLL not found"

From version 3.30 on QPC2 needs a Winsock2 system to run. Win95 does not ship with Winsock2, however there is a free update on the Microsoft page that solves this problem.

When starting QPC2 I get the error "dinput.dll not found"

DirectX is not properly installed. For NT4 apply the current service pack. For all other systems, please go to the Microsoft homepage and get the DirectX installation files (also available on many games and magazine cover CDs).

The display is distorted

First, make sure that it is not a QL program incompatibility by starting QPC2 in the QL mode, not in high colour mode. If the problem persists, then it is likely that you need to update your Windows graphics card display driver and/or DirectX.

BASIC is always in the left-hand area of the screen

This can easily be changed. Select a higher resolution (e.g. 640x480) and type
WMON ,50,50 - you see? Procedures like WINDOW with larger parameters than usual can use the higher resolutions!

Sometimes the display looks strange, especially with games

Some programs and games assume that the screen base is located at address $20000 (131072) and that the display size is 512x256. If any of these settings is changed because you chose a different resolution, the screen base moves and the output does not go to the real display anymore. Either switch back to 512x256 QL mode or try your luck with the QPC_QLSCREMU command.

I have problems accessing floppy disks.

Probably you're running very aggressive anti virus software. Please disable it.

I get exception faults, especially when running QPC2 in high colour mode.

Probably you're using Norton Crash Guard. Please disable it.

I can't rename files on the DOS device

Renaming of files on the DOS device is not supported.

The mouse leaves trails in fullscreen mode

Most likely you've selected the "mouse trail "option in the Windows mouse configuration. This is often the case on laptop computers. Unfortunately the way Windows handles mouse trails is incompatible with QPC's way of displaying the emulated screen.

How can I switch between QPC2 and other Windows applications?

Use a standard Windows keystroke function: hold the ALT key and press TAB once or several times until the application you want to select next is highlit. Or, hold ALT and press ESC to cycle through the various Windows applications.

The "save" button of the configuration dialog is disabled.

The button automatically gets disabled when QPC realizes that it can't write to the SMSQE.BIN file. Please make sure the file is not read-only and it's not used by any other application.

The middle mouse button doesn't do anything, though pressing both buttons does the mouse hotkey.

QPC can only recognize the middle mouse button if the mouse driver really uses it as the middle button. Go to the mouse setup (control panel/mouse) and simply set the middle button to "middle button".

Sysmon just makes noises after startup.

Please update to version 2.06. This should be available soon (October 2002).

QPAC2 "Jobs" just shows "corrupt memory"

Please update to version 1.40. This should be available soon (October 2002).

My problem is not listed here

First please make sure that you're using the most up-to-date version. Most problems are caused by a defective Windows system and/or buggy drivers, so depending on the problem it might be a good idea to update the drivers. If you still can't get it to work (or you might have found another entry for this troubleshooting page to help other people) please contact me.

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