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(also good for DWL-G520+ PCI card)

Finally D-Link has released a WPA compatible driver for this card. However, once again the supplied utility does not work without Administrator privileges, therefore a new patch was in order. The patch for the previous utility can still be found here.

With the addition of WPA and the Funk WPA supplicant the code of the new utility is much more complex than the code of the previous one. So, considering my limited amount of time, this time I didn't do a full analysis of the code but just some educated guesses on what needs to be done. So yes, this is experimental, but so far it works without a glitch here.

And yes, you could also just start the original utility with the "Run as..." feature, but this has some drawbacks. For example, whereas on my laptop the original utility run as an Administrator needs 32 seconds to reestablish the connection after resuming from suspend mode the patched utility running with user privileges merely needs 6. Quite a difference, I think.

The patch

As usual you will need a hex editor do to this. In order to make this work I had to patch all 3 files, the DWLGTI.EXE, ExtWLANConfig.DLL and odSupp_M.dll. Make backups before applying the patch!

File Address Old New
DWLGTI.EXE 00044CCE 00 80
00044CD1 C0 00
ExtWLANConfig.DLL 000012A2 00 80
000012A5 C0 00
000012C1 00 80
000012C4 C0 00
0000888A 00 80
0000888D C0 00
odSupp_M.dll 00110ED6 00 80
00110ED9 C0 00

After those changes the application will probably already run as a normal user. You can't however do any changes to the configuration. To do this you need to give the user write access to a certain registry folder (using REGEDT32).


Where xxxx is a number like 0001 and depends on your specific installation. The correct branch should have the text D-Link AirPlus G+ DWL-G650+ Wireless Cardbus Adapter in the DriverDesc key.

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