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Chrontel 7008

The situation: my TV-out equipped laptop (815EM chipset), a TV set, an original, paid-for DVD and me. DVD works fine on the small TFT but refuses to play on the big TV. What's wrong? The TV-out chip of my laptop, a Chrontel 7008, doesn't support the output of a copy protection (Macrovision) and thus the DVD player application simply refuses to work! Man, behaviour like this REALLY ticks me off. Therefore, instead of spending the next hours viewing the DVD I patched the TV out part of the graphics driver. I did this about 2 years ago, therefore I don't remember the details. Anyway, here is the patch, the DLL is still the most current version:

File to patch: Ch7xxNT5.dll, version, file size 15.423 bytes

Address Old New
00000138 05 7B
00000139 36 50
0000013A 01 00
000020AD 75 90
000020AE 1B 90
0000246D 01 00

Version is basically the same code but needs a different checksum. Try patching only the last 3 locations and then use SetCSUM on the result.

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